Wrist on the wizard of the Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee replica bracelet

Round, smooth, shining precious metal luster, like an elegant wizard-like, in the fine beads on the outline of the soft curvature, as elegant waltz, in full bloom on the petals bloom. And this is the wrist on the wizard –… Continue Reading

By the residual section, we can directly observe the structure

As the saying goes:. “Even if we have family wealth Wan inertia, as porcelains a” sentence handed Shenjiu and seemingly joke, it seems in recent years to ancient ceramics market validation: an auction in Macau, a Northern Song Dynasty kiln… Continue Reading

KitcoMetals global head of trading Hargreaves PeterHug said such concerns dominant mind trading momentum is very strong

On the price of gold in 10 consecutive trading days up more than 10% is in 2011 and then Kanazawa coincided with ten gains in the last wave. Soon after and in 1920 an ounce above $touch the top. The… Continue Reading

The world’s largest jewelry exports and Italy’s leading design country over the past few annual production and exports fell

Director of the Italian National Gold Jewelry Manufacturers Association (Federorafi) of Stefano de Pascale 9 said Thursday, Europe’s largest producer of Italian jewelry 2008 jewelry production and exports will decline, due to the high gold prices and weak global economy.… Continue Reading

Chinese elements will be popular in the world of jewelry? http://www.vitenz.com/

So far, the money Jinbo quasi-luxury brand “experiment” to bear fruit. When completed in late March Hangzhou integrated shop, “he told Xinmin Weekly,” integrated concept store model and previous models compared to single-store, every store turnover grew 30% efficiency level… Continue Reading

Erickson Beamon fashion jewelry: Material expensive combination of Art and Design

In most current fashion ring jewelry brand Erickson Beamon, since its birth in 1983, and they show inseparable, their jewelry work to get a lot of big-name designers of all ages. Erickson Beamon style is very varied, from shells to… Continue Reading

Several of the most suitable bride jewelry earrings not miss it http://www.vitenz.com/

Earrings bride with makeup plays a very important role, right earrings will make the bride look beautiful and very clever, full of beautiful romantic atmosphere, but different styles of bridal hairstyle to do with what kind of earrings, Xiao Bian… Continue Reading